Affirm Until Successful

I will affirm, “I am a rich millionaire right now.” I will affirm it until I am successful; I must convince my subconscious mind that I am rich and powerful. This starts with more persistence in thought. When you first use affirmations the subconscious will resist your efforts to see if you are serious. You… Read More

Bad & Boujee Helps Me Put $300 Right in My Safe

Today I decided to go to the casino! I walked in the casino with $185 and as usual I listened to good music as I played the slots with the intention of raising my energetic state and manifesting more abundance! I go to my usual slot machine and deposit $75 into the machine – I… Read More

5 Quotes From Angus Baynham-McColl About the Law of Attraction

Hey everyone, Today I am sharing 5 of my very own quotes on the Law of Attraction. Without further delay here they are, 1. “The Law of Attraction never requires you to do something you don’t like in order to manifest a dream.” – Angus Baynham-McColl 2. “Manifestation works when you allow the universe to… Read More

When Should An Entrepreneur Get a Job?

When Should An Entrepreneur Get a Job? This is a good question for an entrepreneur to ask, and since I’m both an entrepreneur and an employee I’ll answer the question. I’m a blog artist, life coach, and author – but I’m also a wear house helper in Ottawa – so why would I take a… Read More

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Why? Because of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) What is a SAFL? A SAFL is a term used to describe a feedback loop where you either have positive or negative momentum. A positive SAFL means you have great momentum in… Read More

I’ll Never Be A Big Spender – Even When I Get Rich

I think money gives you the capacity to fully express who you are. When you have money you can express yourself, a lot of people with 100K jobs get the big mortgage, fancy car, and fancy restaurants. That’s an expression of who those people are. But a fancy lifestyle is not an expression of who… Read More