God, Dimensions, Time, Space, and Consciousness

There is Only One Consciousness

Have you ever verified that another conscious being exists in the universe?

I have never verified that another person is conscious.

I also sense that even my own body is not self-aware, and has no intrinsic property of its own.
If I go to sleep, I have NO body until I wake up again.

When humanity changes the way it sees the body by looking at it under the microscope, it actually changes the body for that particular moment. This seemingly creates an explanation for how the body works. I’m saying that there are no cells that make up the body until you observe them under the microscope.
Nothing is real until it’s viewed.

Zooming in to find an explanation of how something works can only go so far before the universe decides to render another explanation. Reality itself has NO SUBSTANCE to it.

What you see in the present moment is exactly what is real; it is nothing more and nothing less. Read More

When Feeling Resistance – Do Nothing

I need to meditate more and visualize more.
Right now I have a lot of inner resistance and I’m in a state where I’m lacking belief because I’m in such a dark place mentally.

All affirmations of faith are not translating into subconscious feelings – it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall because I’m feeling negative. Read More

The Spectrum of Wisdom is Actually Round (Video)

Click Here to Watch the Video (7:03) Wisdom and foolishness appear very similar, and truth is very counter-intuitive. Common sense only gets you so far. Please comment with feedback and I will reply to all comments on this post. Also like and follow winandgrin.org Thanks, Angus

5 Quotes From Angus Baynham-McColl About the Law of Attraction

Hey everyone, Today I am sharing 5 of my very own quotes on the Law of Attraction. Without further delay here they are, 1. “The Law of Attraction never requires you to do something you don’t like in order to manifest a dream.” – Angus Baynham-McColl 2. “Manifestation works when you allow the universe to… Read More

Realizations I’ve Gained From Taking Solipsism to its Limit

For a while I took on the perspective that I was the only real mind in the universe and that everything was contained within my mind as a projection. I think reality is a hallucination and that everything is actually an illusion. Your thoughts, feelings, objects, and sense experience are all temporary – the only… Read More

An Insight About Hallucinations

Drugs don’t make you hallucinate, they just change the hallucination you are already having. When you take drugs this actually LITERALLY changes the way reality behaves. Hard to believe, but it’s true. The only experience that actually is real is the experience in the present moment relative to you. If you take drugs and hallucinate… Read More