How I Helped My Pro Sports Team Win 6 Years ago Using the Law of Attraction

In this article I’m going to explain how I used the law of attraction to help the Ottawa Senators win in 2011-2012.

Before the 2012 season started, the media and fans thought the team would be close to last in the NHL because they were in the beginning of a major rebuild. Read More

Why I Want to Learn Game

I want to learn game because, I have always had subpar results with woman and have recently let go of an 8 year battle against ONE-ITIS. I loved beyond the point of hurt and realized “fuck it, I’m letting go.” I let go of this woman because I came to the realization that I must… Read More

Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

When you start to offer your gifts to humanity, the universe will resist your efforts to see how serious you are about helping humanity.

I thought my self-acceptance and frame was solid and that all I had to do was persist and everything would work out well.

But no, Read More

The Divine Hat-Trick

In order to be well off in your mindset you need 3 things, • Faith in the future • Love of the present • Acceptance of the past Faith, love and acceptance are the 3 things that operate the Law of Attraction to manifest a great life. The measure of faith is the measure of… Read More

Bad & Boujee Helps Me Put $300 Right in My Safe

Today I decided to go to the casino! I walked in the casino with $185 and as usual I listened to good music as I played the slots with the intention of raising my energetic state and manifesting more abundance! I go to my usual slot machine and deposit $75 into the machine – I… Read More

10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport

10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport Camaraderie I owe most of my friendships with other men to Ball Hockey. It’s also fair to say that Ball Hockey is the foundation of my friendships with my buddies. When you play together, win together and lose together as well as learn and grow together you… Read More

Last Season Was My Best Ball Hockey Season So Far!

Last Season Was My Best Ball Hockey Season So Far! This season I served as captain of the Ottawa Legends and under my leadership the team finished last in the HTBHL, but I do have one silver lining to look at after a 2-8-1 finish to the season. I set a personal high for most… Read More