Angus Baynham-McColl's Personal Philosophy


In my personal philosophy I’m going to discuss several different topics.

I’m going to discuss the nature of reality, the importance of personal responsibility, my thoughts on God, the law of attraction, ethics, the importance of money, and how to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

The Nature of Reality

Is reality objective or subjective?

Can it be both?

I’m going to answer this question by saying that reality is objective to the extent that there are real limitations such as the law of gravity. The universe that we are witnessing is a universe of real laws, and those laws can’t be broken. No matter how much spiritual power you have, you will never be able to fly in this reality. 

But the universe with all it’s laws is contained totally within your perception. Reality is subjective and concsciousness is the thing that contains our objective reality. The universe is both subjective and objective. But the objects of the universe are contained within the universes only subject, and that subject is consciousness. 

There is only one consciousness in the universe, and that one consciousness is YOU.

There are no other conscious people in your life, there are people that you have programmed to be characters in your life story, and while even your own body isn’t conscious, it is the only body that consciousness is inside. 

Reality is a dream, there is no substance to reality. When you are lucid in the dream, you will discover the miracles that occur in your life. After you drop mental resistance and go with the flow of life, life will create miracles for you. 

YOU are the dreamer of this infinite dream you are having. When you die, time reboots and a new story unfolds. It’s part of the nature of reality that you experince a story, when you understand the plot of your life (what God has planned for you) and go with the flow of it, you will be amazed at how the dream unfolds. 

Some people create their own story on earth to explore, achieve, learn, and discover. There are so many experiences on Earth that consciousnes slects a story that it can be the main character in, the star of the show.

First there was infinity, then infinity became aware, then infnity created finity, and then awareness created a universe that is nothing short of an adventure. To remain in the bliss of infinity would eventually result in boredom. So consciousness began to explore limitation. Through limitation the full emotional spectrum could be experienced. Because we can feel so low on earth, we have the capactiy to rediscover joy. An emotion must be new for its full effect to be experienced. 

While you are here, remember you are here to explore, and experience. You are here to learn and extend love, but you will forget all your lessons after your die. You can always come back to learn them again as if you learned them for the first time. 

Ultimately reality is a hallucination for the entertainment of infinity, when I say that reality is a hallucination, I’m saying that it’s a HOLLOWGRAM of 99.9% empty space. None of it is actually real, it’s just the one and only mind having a present moment experience. 

Nothing that is seen by the mind (including the mind) actually exists. This is because infinity is nothingness as well as everythingness. Infinity wouldn’t be infinite if everything that existed wasn’t actually nothing. 

Personal Responsiblity

Power and Responsibility bring each other. 

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Unknown

“With great responsibility comes great power.” – Angus

In order to become more powerful in your life, you must take 100% responsibility for your life!

When you take responsibility, you give yourself power and begin to RESPOND like your life depends on you. RESPONSE-ABILITY is the ABILITY TO RESPOND. You decided in your infinite wisdom to come to planet earth to have a certain set of experiences, and it’s up to you to make the most of EVERYTHING. Nothing is out of your power to deal with, and your outcomes are your responsibility. 

My Thoughts On God

God is the (Grand Opera Director) G-O-D – Also known as (Geometrically Organized Design) G-O-D

God is infintiy and the intelligence that runs the universe. God is also the SELF. This means that YOU are God having a human experience. You created infinity, and then from infinity, you created finite limitation and put yourself in a dream where you are having a human experience.

The human experience you are having is like a video game. Lets use Grand Theft Auto as an example. In GTA you have a storyline to follow that was created by the game developer, but you as the main character have a choice to follow the story laid out, or a choice to free roam. Life is the same way. You select what kind of missions and minigames you will play in life, this is why some things appear to happen for a reason with lots of synchronicity involved. Such events are designed by God, and then it’s up to you to live it right. If you just want to explore the game and not fulfill your missions, you are still livin it right. You can do no wrong, but you have a destiny and a higher script to fulfill. If you don’t you will incarnate into subsequent lifetimes and look to accomplish the same types of missions. This will happen in a different setting of course. 

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is a very important law of the universe. 

It’s the law that states that you receive that which you are a vibrational match with.  Like energy attracts like energy. Similar things attract similar things. Rich people hang out with other rich people, poor people hang out with other poor people. Friends hang out with each other based on common interests. 

The thing responsible for causing our vibrational state is our thoughts, which become beliefs, which become attitudes. Our attitudes determine our emotional state in context with where the attitude is directed. Our attitudes cause us to feel good or bad, and how we feel dicates what we see in the universe, which reinforces our attitudes and beliefs. This spiral affects small actions, which then comeback to affect our thoughts, beliefs, and actions further. This results in habits being formed, eventually our habits form our overall character which is who we are. Who we have become as a person is our overall vibration, and the universe will offer us more of who we are because of the person we have become. 

A rich person becomes rich because when they were poor, they began to hate being poor. So they imagined the freedom that would come from being rich. Lets call this person Angus. In 2012 Angus was an 18 year old with $5,000 of disposable cash in his bank account.  But then he got really sick and was unable to work, leaving him with $1,000 a month of disability to work with. Angus could have taken on a victim mentality, but he decided to be an optimist. He used his hate for being poor to make himself excited about becoming rich. 

Angus chose to harbour thoughts that he could become rich, then he realized the things that he already had now. He felt grateful that he already had 90% of posessions that he wanted from wealth. He also noticed that he had 24/7 to work on his goals because he didn’t have a 40 hour job. Angus realized that he could become rich is he set his mind to it. With that attitude he began to educate himself. A few years later Angus had built a habit of accumulating knowledge and putting it into practice. Now in 2018 Angus is a life coach that is beginnng to take off in business. The reason Angus is where he is, is because whenever there was an oppertunity to think in the negative – Angus decided to look on the bright side. 

Now he has an inner knowing that he will become a mllionaire by age 35, and a billionaire by age 50!

Like the book think and grow rich says, it starts with a thought, and then another thought. 


Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

The reason a man should be unconditionally forgiving is because there is nothing to forgive. In a dream world, nothing is real, and everything is a part of you. You also don’t exist. So in reality when someone wrongs you, it was you who wronged yourself by passing judgement. Since you don’t exist, you are never bring wronged because there is nobody to do wrong and nobody to experience wrong. 

Nothing is good or bad, it just is. 

Good and evil is actually just smart and dumb. 

There are smart actions that lead to good cause and effect (karma) and there are dumb actions which lead to undesired consequnces through cause and effect (karma). The universe doesn’t judge or keep track of wrongs or rights in order to deal out karma. It does reward intelligence and punish ignorance though. When you do something stupid, you pay the price, when you do something smart, you are rewarded. 

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