The Most Hopeless Situation

The Most Hopeless Situation I’ve Encountered as a Man

In 2010 when I was 16 years old, I met a very attractive woman in my apartment building that was also the exact same age as I was. She went to a different high school but we lived in the same building.

For me, it was a love at first sight situation, this woman was very beautiful and I quickly put her on a pedestal and made her out to be the best woman in the whole world. Read More

Is Life Real or Is Life A Dream?

A lot of philosophical people ask this question, Are we in a real universe – or are we in a dream? Let’s first examine the nature of the objective physical universe. In my opinion the physical universe is a life form. Before the Big Bang there was a singularity which I call “the seed.” Over… Read More

Are Attachments Bad?

Attachments Give Life Meaning! In spiritual circles we often hear people say that “attachments are bad.” Or, “Attachments create suffering.” These spiritually inclined people are right in the sense that attachments create suffering but they are wrong in saying that attachments are bad. “Attachments not only lead to our greatest suffering, but they also lead… Read More