Last Season Was My Best Ball Hockey Season So Far!

Last Season Was My Best Ball Hockey Season So Far! This season I served as captain of the Ottawa Legends and under my leadership the team finished last in the HTBHL, but I do have one silver lining to look at after a 2-8-1 finish to the season. I set a personal high for most… Read More

I’ll Never Be A Big Spender – Even When I Get Rich

I think money gives you the capacity to fully express who you are. When you have money you can express yourself, a lot of people with 100K jobs get the big mortgage, fancy car, and fancy restaurants. That’s an expression of who those people are. But a fancy lifestyle is not an expression of who… Read More

Is Life Real or Is Life A Dream?

A lot of philosophical people ask this question, Are we in a real universe – or are we in a dream? Let’s first examine the nature of the objective physical universe. In my opinion the physical universe is a life form. Before the Big Bang there was a singularity which I call “the seed.” Over… Read More

18 Reasons I’m Hitting The Gym Daily

Today I worked out for the 18th time in 17 days – without further delay, here are 18 reasons why! The Gym Builds Character When you hit the gym your level of self-discipline increases and you feel better about yourself, the gym is a great way to build character and become a real man! The… Read More