The Spectrum of Wisdom is Round

The acts of the highest wisdom often appear the most foolish because higher wisdom is counterintuitive, while regular wisdom is 180 degrees opposite of both the most foolish and the great sages.

True foolishness is both 90 degrees from conventional wisdom and higher wisdom. Read More

A Few Quotes On the Afterlife by Angus Baynham-McColl

“If the mind can be awake while the body is asleep than surely the soul can be alive when the body is dead.” – Angus Baynham-McColl “If going to sleep and dreaming is like a mini-death, then dying must be like a MEGA-DREAM!” – Angus Baynham-McColl “In the afterlife we move into a reality that… Read More

Are Attachments Bad?

Attachments Give Life Meaning! In spiritual circles we often hear people say that “attachments are bad.” Or, “Attachments create suffering.” These spiritually inclined people are right in the sense that attachments create suffering but they are wrong in saying that attachments are bad. “Attachments not only lead to our greatest suffering, but they also lead… Read More


Lately I’ve had a hell of a lot of momentum. You can call momentum “big-mo” if you want. I’ve done 13 workouts in 13 days. Tomorrow I will break a personal record when I go to the gym for the 14th time in 14 days! That’s big time momentum! And that momentum will bleed out… Read More