When Feeling Resistance – Do Nothing

I need to meditate more and visualize more.
Right now I have a lot of inner resistance and I’m in a state where I’m lacking belief because I’m in such a dark place mentally.

All affirmations of faith are not translating into subconscious feelings – it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall because I’m feeling negative. Read More

An Insight About Hallucinations

Drugs don’t make you hallucinate, they just change the hallucination you are already having. When you take drugs this actually LITERALLY changes the way reality behaves. Hard to believe, but it’s true. The only experience that actually is real is the experience in the present moment relative to you. If you take drugs and hallucinate… Read More

Going Full Circle

Going Full Circle “I owe my greatest losses to my greatest gains and my greatest gains to my greatest losses.” – Tao Te Ching Become So Introverted that You Become Extroverted An introvert will ultimately come to the realization that even their inner world is part of the outside world, and that interacting with the… Read More

I Think Reality is a Hallucination

Reality is nothing more than a story that gets made up by every thought that arises in consciousness – Your whole life is nothing more than an infinite hallucination having a hallucination. The only reason your life seems so real is because there is nothing else to contrast it with. And so you will be… Read More

Right Now Is All There Is

The Law of Attraction isn’t about getting everything that matters, it’s about releasing resistance until nothing matters at all. When I’m in a state where nothing matters, life becomes magical, and I feel infinite. It’s this seemingly elusive state of being that we all want – in fact the reason why we set goals is… Read More

A Few Quotes On the Afterlife by Angus Baynham-McColl

“If the mind can be awake while the body is asleep than surely the soul can be alive when the body is dead.” – Angus Baynham-McColl “If going to sleep and dreaming is like a mini-death, then dying must be like a MEGA-DREAM!” – Angus Baynham-McColl “In the afterlife we move into a reality that… Read More

Is Life Real or Is Life A Dream?

A lot of philosophical people ask this question, Are we in a real universe – or are we in a dream? Let’s first examine the nature of the objective physical universe. In my opinion the physical universe is a life form. Before the Big Bang there was a singularity which I call “the seed.” Over… Read More